Nimbly is a global insights agency on a mission to make empathy more accessible. We specialize in agile and engaging custom research.

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Consumer Research is Broken

Traditional qual agencies are slow and costly, and deliver outputs that lack emotional oomph.

DIY tools and quick reaction platforms, while fast and cheap, don't go deep enough.

Meanwhile, brands increasingly lean on surveys and data analytics. They learn what people do—not why they do it.

Understanding people as people shouldn't be this hard.

Nimbly makes stellar research accessible. 1 or 10 weeks. $10K or $100K. Creative outputs. We got you.


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Nimbly recruits fully screened, fresh participants in ~3 days.

How? We deploy an array of innovative tactics. For example, one approach is to push ads across various networks. We can target by various filters (demographics, interests, job title…) and then run folks through a custom screener. If we want to check for articulation, we can video pre-screen them too.

This means we minimize the risk of recruiting professional respondents, which you'd get from a biased database or panel.


We have an elite, global network of director-level researchers (10+ years), project managers, designers, and filmmakers. By leveraging the latest productivity, communication, and business apps, our team is able to seamlessly and efficiently collaborate. Thank you, internet.

With a hybrid mix of full-times and contractors, we're able to cover the world and every category with the most relevant team.


No, we’re not a hammer and everything is a nail. Nimbly crafts custom approaches that lead to the most impactful insights within your budget and timing. Whether it's $10K or $100K. 1 week or 10 weeks. We got you.

Our team's trained in all the classic online and offline methods: ethnography, in-homes, shop-alongs, co-creation workshops, focus groups, mobile diaries, discussion boards, expert interviews, and so on.

While we're a qual-led shop, we'll often layer other methods in as well. Social listening, quant surveys, AI analysis, biometric sensors, web search mapping, 360 film immersions...


With Nimbly Raw, our team can share interesting anecdotes, emerging themes, images, and videos near real-time in a highly visual style. These are typically used for our multi-phased projects so you're in the loop.

Wait, let clients see behind the curtains? Big no-no in traditional research. Screw that, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait for a big reveal weeks later.


We’re not about long, boring report, where a chunk of time is spent on nitpicking words and fluffing the deck up with quotes.

We're always experimenting with compelling ways to bring to life our insights and engage our client and their stakeholders differently. These range from beautiful infographics and 3-5 min sizzle films to AR immersions and petting zoos.



As a benchmark, a 2 week project would be ~6 weeks elsewhere. How? We leverage the latest tech, collaboration tools, and workflows. Studies range from 5 days to 4+ weeks depending on brief.

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