Nimbly is the most daring insights agency in the world.

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Consumer Research is Broken

Traditional agencies are slow and afraid to try new things. Platforms, while quick and flashy, aren't insightful.

Nimbly is not a platform or method. What makes us different is our guts. We dare to learn faster. Experiment with wild approaches. Share insights differently. Take on impossible briefs.

Beyond ‘capabilities’, we’re embracing the #NimblyLife: a new type of work culture. One that empowers living interesting lives to produce more interesting perspectives.

We dare to reimagine every. single. aspect of research.




How? We’ll run your classic methods on steroids and with an extra flair.

• 2-3X Faster. Simply by leveraging the latest tech and workflows. • Better Recruiting. 2-5 days. Using ads/creative tactics. Say bye to professional respondents. • Live Dashboards. Live themes to deepen areas to focus on = more actionable research. • Tech-Enhanced. We’ll do things like stream an in-person session in 360 HQ video/audio. • Rapid Assembly. Our elite teams are typically staffed in 24-hrs.

So we can...

• Conduct robust custom productions within tight timelines • Collaborate better and iterate objectives based on new learnings • Avoid a big reveal that’s potentially off the mark


We’ve made a name for pulling off the impossible. Imagine things like...

• Photo-realistic 3D worlds you can interact with for scalable, immersive research. • 360 ethnographic films that brings your target audience to life in a super vivid way. • Bot-based moderators with scalable patience and persistence. • Gamified discussion guides. Real-time digital whiteboarding and peer-to-peer lead discussions. • Sweepstakes incentives for crowdsourcing qual.

So we can...

• Uncover creative perspectives and unlock new data types • Better engage participants for more thoughtful learnings • Continue to push the frontiers of research!


We Marie Kondo our research. For each headline, we ask “Does this insight spark joy?

Gone are the days of long, boring reports. Our debriefs are meant to be thoughtfully distilled and presented in a way that’s highly visual. All with the main goal of inspiring action. Think infographics, mini-magazines, 360 films, manifestos, stories, podcasts, websites, mobile apps, etc.

So we can:

• Truly energize the team to spark new strategies • Better socialize insights to educate and rally buy-in


We're an eclectic team of comedians, writers, entrepeneurs, world travelers, and more. We all work remotely, run our own schedules, and live it up through unlimited vacays. Why?

Interesting people = interesting perspectives.

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