Nimbly is an insights agency with a startup mentality. We deliver qual in an agile, experimental, and lean AF way.

thestory headline

Qual is dying

Traditional agencies are slow and pricey. In-house teams lack rigor and resources. $100K+ and takes 10+ weeks

So, you lean on quant. Yep, you learn what people do but not why they do it. You lose the humanity.

Nimbly is reimagining qual by embracing the startup mentality. We run on super agile and lean operations. It enables us to adapt to the pace you move, experiment withminimal risk, and deliver smart work with reasonable pricing.

Boom, let's go.

How we're
pulling it off

  • 1.Bomb-awesome teams

    By project, we’ll assemble an elite team of insights strategists, project managers, designers, andeditors. Think badass folks who know their stuff in and out. Nimbly Layers: We love to layer increative POV’s. Imagine Fortune 100 VP’s, human psychographic profilers, anthropologists, etc. who can translate the insights through fresh angles and make them more actionable.

  • 2.Legit Recruiting

    We partner with the latest recruiting platforms that are faster and more rigorous than traditional approaches (think 2-3 days versus 2-3 weeks). All our recruits are cross-matched with their social media accounts and fully screened to ensure they’re the right people and not professional respondents. Our operations are silky smooth, enabling us to leverage these platforms to pull off tricky and large sample sizes in ways others can’t.

  • 3.Bespoke Fieldwork

    No, we’re not a hammer and everything is a nail. We craft approaches that lead to the most impactful insights within your budget and timing. From video chats to ethnographies. All done in a super agile way.

  • 4.Live Analysis

    With Nimbly Live, you’ll get to view raw emerging themes in real-time—as early as day 3. Wait, let clients see behind thecurtains? Big no-no in traditional qual. But screw that, you shouldn’t wait for a big reveal.

  • 5.Beautiful Deliverables

    We’re not about long reports. We believe in highly visual and shareable deliverables. Think sizzle films, infographics, and 360 VR immersions. We’re always experimenting.

Our sweet spot


3 Days to 3 weeks


$8k to 35k

Project types


consumer exploration


creative development


product innovation


agency pitches


To inform the influencer strategy of Banks Rum, a Bacardi incubator brand, Nimbly brought to life the personalities and interests of 3 personas via a mix of 30 nationwide in-homes and video chats. Recruiting to deliverables in < 1.5weeks. Boom.


To explore the resonance of their latest Fios campaign, Verizon partnered with Nimbly on a super agile round of qual. By day 3, Nimbly had begun sharing raw nuggets and themes. We then looped in a former VP of Insights at TMobile to elevate and translate the insights so they’re immediately actionable.


Nimbly had a neat opportunity to collaborate with BuzzFeed on their first-ever global thought leadership project. Through a creative mobile ethnography, we produced an infographic and sizzle film to bring to life the human needs and tensions with [to be announced] in the modern day.

Name drop

  • google
  • bacardi
  • havas
  • tbwa
  • buzzfeed
  • oob
  • orbitz
  • chobani
  • charity_water
  • mighty_jungle
  • zulily
  • dreampad
  • maipa
  • banksfinerums
  • verizon
  • access_confidential